Windows with built in blinds 

Skylight Integral Blinds 

Here at skylight integral blinds we truly believe in taking care of the customer first which is why we have created a Blog Post page for you to visit when you are searching for answers to do with integral blinds or skylight windows.

Why should I have Integral Blinds?

Firstly, the list is endless however, it starts with the fact they are clean and in today's society with Covid-19 we must protect our home. Therefore, this window with built in blind not only provides cleanliness but also, sleek aesthetics, maintenance free windows. They are easy to use and have fantastic colour options to match any home.

What is the cost surrounding integral blinds?

The cost is dependant on the size of the unit we are measuring, it does not matter if this is for UPVC or aluminium. However, they are not exactly cheap nevertheless, compare this cost to how many blinds or curtains you may buy over a 20 year period it is more than beneficial for any home. Based on that fact alone the cost should not factor your decision as this product will undoubtedly add value to your home. 

How do Integral Blinds work?

Integral blinds are essentially blinds in glass which are sealed to ensure no dirt or mechanisms are tampered with. They work via many systems in the industry such as, cord, electrically & magnetically. The electrical system has a wall mounted switch which is operated via a remote control. The magnetic system is operated manually and controlled via two magnets on the face of the glass. The first magnet is to operate the tilt/shade of the blind, the second is to raise and lower the blind. Lastly the cord is operated by a pulling system one way to retract the blind down and another to raise the integral blind.

What makes the integral blinds move?

We have the latest magnetic technology when considering how the blind moves. We have are magnets on rollers situated on the face of the glass, allowing the magnet to be seen in full effect. The rollers allow the magnet to travel with ease across the unit whilst at the same time controlling the blind inside the glass. 

How long do blinds in windows take to be made?

Certain industry standards are different however, overall they usually take around 10-15 days.

How long do integral blinds take to install?

This is dependant on the size of the job for example, if you were having a set of patio doors this would usually take around an hour or two. This is to ensure the toe and heeling of the installation is perfect, allowing the locks on the door to work efficiently.