3 simple ways to increase a properties valuation with Integral Blinds.

You have clicked this because I assume you are wondering what 3 simple ways can I increase your property value? Ill take that as a yes, In this blog we will present simple and effective ways of ensuring your property does not get over looked when being valued. 

First we will take you back to when house prices were a fraction of the price they currently are now. Firstly the demand for housing not so long ago was not as great as it is today which is a huge factor according to the bank of England. This has now changed when considering the last 20 years in the UK and how population has increased by over 20%.. This is a huge amount and the reason being, state of the economy, huge rise in vulnerable people, banks mortgage rates, bank loans & many more reasons. 

Then there is the housing bubble which occurred & housing prices were doubled, this occurrence took place over a 5 year period. However, the scheme was not in correlation with peoples earnings which meant between 1990's & 2000 house prices dropped rapidly, for over a 3 year period. Furthermore it is estimated 7 out of 10 people have a mortgage and only 1 of the 7 people actually own their homes. This makes renovating a property even harder as your are not only paying for the upkeep of yourself, family and bills which includes a mortgage. Therefore, nothing or little gets done over long periods of time in order to renovate the home as finances become stricter .All that being said, this is why we have 3 simple ways to increase the cost of your home.

Increase your home value rule number 1. (Bi-Fold Doors or Patio doors)

Bi-Fold doors & patio doors are possibly the most over looked asset to a modern home. Your probably thinking at this point they are expensive, correct? However, Skylight Integral Blinds have close relationships with the Bi-fold shops & many more trade business. We have seen a massive rise in bi-fold doors and patio doors being installed, it is estimated the addition of this product can add between £5,000 & £10,000 to your property. This is without the installation of integral blinds or known as windows with built in blinds which many customers have opted for. The reason for this value increase is down to the overall opening of the house from garden to kitchen which is becoming more and more desirable to new home owners & existing. Not only that, it allows natural daylight to flow through your home, which is almost seen as a sort after feature down to its uniqueness in UK homes.

Furthermore, Bifold doors & patio doors offer a feature which is more than welcoming if you have a family or pets. As it allows the flow of your home to occur naturally, without having the hassle of opening separate doors each time a room is entered. Overall they are becoming increasingly popular for renovation properties & this will continue to happen. This is also backed up by patio doors & Bi-fold doors seeing an increase in sales over the last 10 years and many more home's removing the old 'back door style' which modernises your home. 

Moreover, if you have no budget and are just looking to renovate there is a greater option in Bi-fold doors with integral blinds & patio doors with built in blinds. The advantage this has to your home comes in many different formats. As you can appreciate most conventional blinds are destroyed and dis-coloured within a year. This has allowed for a fantastic gap in the market to be explored which is the reason we are discussing blinds built in windows .This not only adds a unique look to your home but also provides the buyer of the home a effortless housing system when feature in Blinds in glass & Bi-fold doors. It is arguably, a no brainer for home owners who are looking to renovate their property to either live in or sell.

Increase your home value, rule number 2. (Window frames)

Window frames are undoubtedly a product which has huge effect on your homes perceived value and this is no secret. However, we will need to retrace the footsteps of frames and explore the journey they have had. Firstly, window frames became increasingly popular around the 1980's, this was when property prices began to increase due to UPVc frames being introduced which at the time was considered a modernisation. 

Whereas before the UPVc frames were introduced, aluminium frames were in place nevertheless, they offered zero protection from the cold and would often have thermal breaks. Thermal breaks are condensation and this arrives when the colder months hit the UK. This was quickly rectified through UPVc window frames which came from Germany. This was when UPVc windows effectively started taking off in the UK market, as it not only improved housing costs it provided more business opportunities and work. By the 2000's the UK had seen a huge spike in UPVc windows and it was only going to get bigger as frames could be internally beaded where as before they were externally beaded.

This essentially means a window can be replaced from both inside and outside a home. That being said, in 2010 there was another spike in windows as UPVc windows began appearing with timber frames and appearing as a natural UPVc window. This was generally an option for people who had a bit more capital to spend and did not want their home appearing as UPVc anymore. This has been the case now for over 10 years. And Window continue to advance in technology coming with many different features, from how they open and the colours you can now have. 

When considering how fast frames have evolved its only right to consider how much glass has developed to. This can be analysed by firstly looking at the late 1990's, where float glass and laminated where becoming increasingly popular along with acoustic and double glazing. These glass types were consider very popular as they were energy efficient, this was because the units had low emmisitivity (Low-E) and a void filled with argon which was a gas replacing dry air. Nonetheless, these glass types allowed the way for new business models to be introduced which is why today windows with built in blinds or integral blinds is seen as a industry leading product due to the advances in glass. Integral blinds then began solving issues in many more homes as people did  not want conventional blinds anymore. The integral blind became such a popular product and this was down to the convenience it has, the day to day hygiene and the fact it can be controlled allowing privacy at the slide of a magnet. In rule number three we will analyse the integral blinds & blinds inside windows as a whole. Furthermore, the impact it has on property value as well as customer value. 

Increase your home value, rule number 3. (Integral Blinds)

Integral blinds have only been present in the window industry for a brief time. Therefore, we will look at how influential they are to your home?. It can be argued, integral blinds provide a convenience to the end-user, a conventional blind can not provide. This is because of the ease of use, cleanliness, safety from children and pets, no maintenance & the cost effectiveness. When considering the average home replaces their conventional blinds every 6-12 months due to the blind not working effectively, damaged or dis-coloured. 

Customers first and foremost are concerned about the cost of integral blinds. However, when considering the abovementioned and how often conventional blinds are replaced it would be common sense to consider Integral blinds as a probable option. They come with a 10-year warranty and are estimated to increase house hold values as long as the property is renovated throughout . 

Firstly lets discuss the integral blinds cost & general information, for example, an average unit size of 500mm x 1000mm comes with a cost price of £210-£260. Benefits including, stylish aesthetics, they are cost effective, fantastic ease of use and extremely hygienic. Moreover, the conventional blinds have a cost price of £120-£160 with a unit size of 500mm x 1000mm. The benefits of the conventional blinds are they are cheap and have a 5 year warranty however, as stated before most conventional blinds are removed after a short period of time.

Therefore, when considering all the above mentioned and window frames, bi-fold doors, patio doors and integral blinds. It can be argued, all renovators should see these products as a excellent contribution towards increasing their property value. However, this is no doubt this is dependant on the financial income of a household. This is due to the amount the products can cost nonetheless, renovators or customers should ideally see the long-term perceived value and investment it adds towards a property.