How much do Integral Blinds cost?

The cost of Integral Blinds 

When anyone hears about Integral Blinds whether that be a customer or not, their first question is how much do integral blinds cost?. Therefore, at Skylight Integral Blinds we have decided to take you through a step by step journey into how costly Integral Blinds are. Furthermore, we will take you through the benefits, potential pitfalls in the industry and how quality can have an effect on cost. 

Firstly when deciding between blinds that hang on the outside of the glass and integral blinds it is important you read the previous blog which was released. The blog is 3 simple way to increase your property value. This openly speaks about which product was more beneficial for customers by analysing both products and there lifespans. Nonetheless, lets investigate the price of integral blinds and how they are calculated by different manufacturers. 


Firstly, it is no secret that size has a vital impact on the price of things and this is the same for integral blinds. Secondly, if you are considering Integral Blinds in your home it is important you understand this to help gauge a better understanding of the price you will end up paying. Nonetheless, this is all dependant on the location of the integral blind for example, a Bi-fold door with integral blinds  can measure anywhere between 800mm - 1000mm in width and 2000mm - 2500mm plus in height. Which arguably, is a large glass unit which means bi-fold doors with integral blinds can be costly. This does not mean it is not worth it when considering the benefits this potential project can have on your home which again was explained in the previous blog. Furthermore, if you was looking to replace a set of bi-fold doors, on average the cost would be between £200 and £400 each individual unit. 

Moreover, when considering doors and windows this cost can decrease which is because the sizes are decreasing. However, because the cost decreases this does not mean they will be cheap, this is because most home-owners have to ensure their home matches throughout. And when considering windows and how many there are on the average home the cost slowly can begin to build up. This being said, it should never stop a home-owner perusing perfection on their home, even if this arrives in a 5 year period. For example, having the bottom section of your house filled with integral blinds in the first year and the second year completing the upper section. This will undoubtedly create a luxury look for your property and see its perceived value increase. And over a 5 year stage could see your property rise in value allowing you to enjoy your home or move onto another project. 

Key aspects to consider when purchasing integral blinds. 

  • Measurements 
  • The time period of the project 
  • The warranty which is 10-years at skylight integral blinds
  • Quality of the system
  • Your colour scheme
  • The different integral blind systems
Hopefully with the abovementioned it allows you to make an informative decision when considering integral blinds for your home. 

Integral Blinds Quality

At Skylight Integral Blinds we ensure the quality of the product reflects the price this is why you may find manufacturers that have the same product but with a lower price. However, this is due to the reduction in warranty they offer and the system they also offer. Some systems in the industry being corded, magnetic and electric nevertheless, different manufactures have different electrical systems, magnetic systems and corded systems. Which makes your job as a customer even more difficult when it comes to selecting the correct integral blinds for your home. In addition, the quality of the glass also becomes a contributing factor towards the quality of the product you are receiving. 

We pride ourselves on providing the best Integral blinds and this is why we have 10-years worth of warranty. The warranty is backed by the face we test our products over 10,000 times to ensure you are receiving a product which is more than reliable. This works out on average that you will lower and raise your blinds a 1000 times year which could seems high, nevertheless we aim to cover you as a customer. Therefore, it is vitally important to consider the quality of the integral blinds you are receiving as ideally you want them to last a very long time without any faults. Overall, windows with built in blinds are becoming more and more popular amongst modern homes and will continue to grow in sales based on the convenience it offers the end-user.